Sunday, September 23, 2012

Body by Bacon

We're big fans of bacon in this home but I've always had a hard time cooking it in a pan or on a griddle - and I definitely can't figure out how to do it in the microwave. M likes it a little chewy while I like it crispy, crispy, crispy but not burnt at all (picky much?). A few weeks ago, I finally figured out how to cook it perfectly (thank you, google) so I figured an early Sunday morning was the best time to share it!

Here's the deal - you need to cook it in the oven! What???? I know!!! Crazytown!!


1. Don't preheat the oven. I don't know why but whatevs.
2. Line a cookie sheet with foil - this is essential if you want an easier clean-up.
3. Place bacon on cookie sheet and stick it in the cold oven.
4. Turn oven to 400, set timer for 20-25 minutes, walk away.

And 20-25 minutes later...delicious bacon!!!

It will be sitting in lots of bacon fat so i'd recommend pulling it out of the oven and draining it on paper towels quickly before it starts to cool off. That's just my preference though - like i said, i like it crispy!

And if you want to save the bacon fat for another recipe, it's easy to bend the foil and drain the fat into a container for later.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fits like a glove!

I learned a new word the other day and it cracks me up to think that I never knew this word before - pafism - it's basically something that sounds like a cliche or a figure of speech but isn't (and is actually real/literal)- like saying that a glove "fits like a glove".

Here's the real definition - A worn out cliche or trite phrase used to describe the actual scenario for which the cliche was originally created.

Anyway, I like it because I'm sick of people using the word "literally" when they mean "figuratively". Rachel Zoe, I'm looking at you. But sometimes people do actually mean a phrase in the literal sense!

And because the other day, I learned about the expression "burying the lede". I always thought it was "burying the lead" (as in burying the lead/main story) but then my friend posted this blogpost - and i totally thought he spelled it wrong so I googled it and then i found out that it was actually "lede" - a good explanation is here. So I'm going off track (HA, another cliche but if i were on an actual train, it'd be a pafism) and here we are back to pafism...

Two examples of pafism (besides the glove):
1. Two friends are at a club where they witness a young couple dancing the tango. One friend turns to the other and says "it takes two to tango."

2. We attended the Profession Bull Riding competition at Madison Square Garden last winter. As we walked into the arena Dan, who went last year, turned to me and said "well, you know, this aint my first rodeo."

Anyway, i thought that was interesting. And that's my "learning new things" story for now. I got nothing else.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Kitchen/Living Room Renovation

Oh wow, I have a blog. And this isn't a post about unfortunate baby names. My goodness.

Two people asked me today about our kitchen renovation so I thought it would be a good time (a year later!) to post about what we did and what I'd do differently and how we priced it out and made our decisions.

First, a few pictures.

Wood cabinets that M sanded and polyurethaned when we moved in, old appliances, tile countertop (that grossly matched the floor tile).

Other side of the kitchen - we removed the chair rail AND knocked down the wall on the right side of the photo (opening up the living room into the kitchen so the first floor is one big room).

That good old wall:

And the new ktichen...New counters, new cabinets, new appliances, new floor. This was the old paint though - apparently i never took any final photos. And no microwave yet. Or faucet!!

And this is another old picture but it gives a good idea of the new floor throughout the first floor and the knocked down wall. Old paint and old furniture though.

The breakdown:

Countertops - love love love granite. It was pricey but I thought it was worth it. It's so pretty and cleans up so easily. The color is Uba Tuba. I received a snotty comment from a woman who works in our local paint store about how it's "been done" but I don't care - I like Uba Tuba and I think it goes with everything. PS. I left the paint store. One note - we obtained three quotes on granite countertops - the first quote was DOUBLE the other two. So remember to shop around. Also this one included the lovely giant sink.

Cabinets - cabinets are hella expensive, y'all. Did you know that? I did not. Our originals ones are wood and nice but nothing special - I wanted white cabinets so it seemed ridiculous to spend money when we (ahem, Mike) could just paint them. So he did. Ha, that sounds easier than it was. Let's see...he took them down, sanded them and then painted them about a trillion times over with many layers of white and the polyurethane-type stuff. He used Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations. The whole cabinet project probably cost $100-200 total (for the kit, extra brushes, etc...). If you were handy, you could probably do without the kit but we weren't that adventurous. Or you could hire someone to do the painting for you which would be obviously more expensive but less testing on your marriage.

Oh also, we got new doorknobs for the cabinets in oil-rubbed bronze (ORB). I also spray-painted the other random kitchen accessories with an ORB spray paint. Awesome. I love that spray paint.

Appliances - Sears had a big sale on stainless steel Kenmore appliances. We got a new dishwasher (required a plumber to hook up), fridge (also required a plumber because it has a water/ice dispenser), stove (plumber AGAIN for gas hook-up) and microwave (contractor to get it bracketed up over the stove AND an electrician to wire it).

It's bedtime so i'll have to do a part 2 later on (ha, like in November when I update the blog again).

Still to discuss:
- the floor
- knocking down the wall
- paint
- sink, garbage disposal, faucet

I hope that's a good start!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Names

So I guess this is just a baby name blog now, hmmmm? I got nothing else: Mellonee Philasia Ziporah Phoenyx Chrispin Hmmm, what else? Let's see - my sweet baby is now two (as you all know because I'm pretty sure no one but three people are reading this) and she's so funny. I just love her. Today she chose fruit over a chocolate chip pancake. She also was very amused by an underground parking garage (MOMMA! CAR INSIDE!)but had zero interest in a playground with a splash pad. Weirdo.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Best Baby Names

Ahhh, someone just summarized all of VA's hard work. Here you go - I'm going to continue to be proud that my kid has a normal name. Also, I have so many posts brewing at all times - mostly related to my hair and child-rearing tips - but I never commit. Sorry!! Also, where did the spell check go in blogger? Grrrrrrrrrrr.

How she feels about the Pavlik

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


VA sent me a new name -


To paraphrase's not just terrible on so many levels...

it's also a boy.